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Observed: 7th June 2013 By: iandalgleishiandalgleish’s reputation in Birds
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Add a revised ID

You need to add a scientific name to complete your ID. Add a revised ID, enter the common name and press "get recommended" for the latin name. It is this name that truly ID's your sighting and links it to others on iSpot. If you do not someone else will and you will lose the credit for your sighting.

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Adding Scientific Name

I wish folk would stop doing this. It's not sporting.


Bill Henderson

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Agreed -

It should be part of iSpot etiquette to allow the original poster time to do so, once advised (as by Chris Brooks here).

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No offense

As the original poster no offence is taken.
I was just delighted to both see and hear the Cuckoo and wanted others to see my photo.