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Forget me knot

Observed: 2nd June 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plants
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Small blue flower with bright yellow ring in the centre, on thin stalks and narrow leaves.
Unfortunately I took only these two pictures, and not a sample for close up at home. The petals seem to have a slight point rather than rounded, so it might be Tufted forget-me-not (Myosotis laxa) [to be honest I am struggling with the difference from my books, never mind in the field] but the leaves look small so probably field.

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The first thing to look at when diagnosing a Myosotis are the hairs on the calyx. The species are split about 50:50 between those with appressed hairs and those with patent, curved or often hooked hairs. M. laxa is one of the former and M.arvensis falls into the latter category. It's difficult to judge but on flower size one would suggest M. sylvatica (>5mm) but as has been said here before, flower size is not a particularly good discriminator, although it may be a good general indicator. Without a fruiting specimen or pulling the petals off it's difficult to be absolutely sure (IMHO) and one can't do the latter from a photo!

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