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Dead bird - flycatcher??

Observed: 20th May 2010 By: springlight
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Warbler, not a flycatcher.
Another brown bird to discuss!! LOL

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Ah, thank you. No wonder I

Ah, thank you. No wonder I couldn't find it in the book under "flycatcher"!

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Garden Warbler

Regarding brown birds. I was greatly encouraged when I heard a renowned bird watcher on the radio call a bird a WBJ. When asked to elucidate he said "Wee brown job!"

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A Scot?

They've always been LBJ's to me.

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And the Garden warbler is the archetypal LBJ! No distinguishing marks...


"Wildlife is for Everyone"

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I have a feeling that this is

I have a feeling that this is actually a lesser whitethroat rather than a garden warbler, though it is difficult to see from the photograph. It seems to have a very finely pointed beak (look beyond the debris, towards the tip), more so than a garden warbler does. There is a suggestion of a greyish head (and darker ear coverts?), and an indication of some whiteish edgings on the underneath of the outer tail feathers. Also, in overall view, the bird looks ‘too grey' for garden warbler. However, a number of these effects (but not the beak) may relate to the position of the corpse and/or photographic effects. Any thoughts anybody?

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I would be inclined to agree.

I think that you may well be correct with this suggestion. Like you say, it really doesn't look right for Garden Warbler, but I can't see anything against it being an ex-Lesser Whitethroat. The very white underparts are another good pointer towards LW.