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Possible pellet of unknown species

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: langdon

2 cm long, found in country village garden, near pond and willow trees.


No identification made yet.

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Welcome to iSpot.

This is a pellet I feel rather than mammal faeces as it is tightly compacted with little or no binding matrix.

The creature has been eating lots of beetles and the pellet contains seeds so we are looking at an omnivore. This in itself does not rule out a mammal as foxes and badgers will gorge themselves on invertebrates and fruit at times but their droppings tend to be much larger and are not so compacted.

An omnivore bird eating fruit and beetles? Rules out most birds of prey and owls. That leaves us with corvid or gull. So that passes the identification back to you, have you seen crows, rooks, jackdaws or gulls in the area? If you know the area well, which do you is most likely?

Graham Banwell

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