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Blackthorn Gall

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in InvertebratesYashca’s reputation in Invertebrates
Blackthorn Gall

A gall seen along the edges of Blackthorn leaves. Research has led me to believe that it is an Eriophyes sp. either E. similis or E. prunispinosae but I don't know how to distinguish between these two species. If anyone knows or can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.

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RHoman - so does that mean

RHoman - so does that mean that E. prunispinosae is actually a synonym of E. similis now?

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Both species have their own

Both species have their own entries in the Fauna Europaea list -


Robert Homan

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Hmmm... So if Eriophyes

Hmmm... So if Eriophyes prunispinosae is still a distinct species, does that mean that both plums and blackthorn are host to two different gall mites, E. prunispinosae & E. similis, which produce similar galls? Or is E. similas the gall agent in both species, and E. prunispinosae just a species that was previously misidentified as a gall agent?

Apologies for the question, I'm just interested in whether E. prunispinosae is a gall agent as well as E. similis.

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I am trying to get all UK plant gall postings in one place



This will hopefully increase the "visibilty" to people interested in plant galls and increase identifcation/confirmation rates

There are currently over 400 records collected

Could you please tag any plant gall records "plant gall" or "plant gall causer" - without speech marks

Thanks in anticipation - appologies if you get multiple requests as I am trawling through past records.

Mark Wilson