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Stylaria lacustris

Observed: 28th May 2013 By: John BrattonInvertebrates expert
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interested but...

I am not qualified to give informed opinion. Though I am an interested Naturalist.
Your difficulties with Internet research have not fallen on deaf ears though.
Click this when next in the Library
Is shows an amazing lookalike "..eaux stagnantes .." video. There are more too.
But this one will require you to TURN DOWN the sound system -

And I have read all I can (understand!) about Stylaria lacustris, so may be inclined to give you an agreement but, I hasten to add, I feel my weakness spilling over.
I'll come back after some more reading.

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Thanks. Yes, they do look a

Thanks. Yes, they do look a good match for mine. The first one is rather subdued, unless they've slowed the film down.


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Ha...if you turn UP the sound on the second one you will hear why the rhythm of movement is tampered!
It's lovely!
As you are pretty certain I've given you an agreement - based on what I've seen and read and, of course, your excellent pictures.