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Peltigera rufescens?

Observed: 4th June 2013 By: Ginny B
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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P1050083_Peltigera underside
P1050085_damp Peltigera
P1050084_damp Peltigera
P1050112_Peltigera after rain

Growing on a steep rocky hillside through moss and thyme; what little soil there is, is sandy.
The upper surface of the thallus, which is loosely furled, is pale grey with curled back ends showing white rhizines beneath.
Four further photos added.


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A view of the underside...

would help greatly. The veins and rhizines should darken towards the centre in P. rufescens. The rhizines here look more fang-like than squarrosely branched, but I'd want to look more closely.


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Thanks Nigel. I realised too

Thanks Nigel. I realised too late I should have looked at the underside and hope to get back there in a few days and get another photo to help.

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Four fresh photos added

The first of these is a close-up of the rhizines on the underside. I had to wait for a bit of rain to fall, as the lobes were very brittle and dry and I couldn't lift them without breaking them off.

The next two photos are to show the size of the lobes compared with my finger and the slight change of colour now that they are damp.

The last photo was taken after a couple of days of heavy rain and looking very different - so much so that I hardly recognised them and had to look hard to find them again!

I see that P. rufescens should have dark veins so my guess is most probably wrong. The only thing I'm sure of is that it does not look the same as the P. membranacea that I found last year in a poor quality field much further from the sea, and which I have checked it against.


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P. membranacea

Hi Ginny

Evidently a variable species, but once known, I don't think its combination of characters can easily be confused with anything else, except perhaps an odd P. praetextata that hasn't developed schizidea/isidia (but even then, close attention to the rhizines can split the two).


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One day.....

One day I hope to find something different to P. membranacea so will keep looking! Thank you for your help, Nigel.


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I agree!

Lovely post with excellent pictures, a good comment trail but so few agreements - tough group!