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Unknown insect

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: bert's unclebert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebratesbert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebratesbert's uncle’s reputation in Invertebrates
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emerald green stripes on the abdomen, bright green undersides, a good 25mm long

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Andy, sticking my neck RIGHT out - could it be a Tenthredo - thorax marks, no green wing-stigma, not green enough?
Name withheld!

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Could be.....

Yes, you are right - it could be Tenthredo. I'm possibly being biased by the sheer numbers of Rhogogaster that I've seen in my area lately.......

Andy Keay

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Tenthredo vs Rhogogaster

Origin 11.15hrs
I am quite new to Rhogogasters (like four days and one single post - But I have looked at all the posts of this lovely green 'fly' and this one seems not to fit - no agreements either.
It's kind of cheeky to challenge one so experienced and rude not to give you (Andy) the opportunity. But I thought Id like to try my hand!
PS - you have agreed! I expected a real counter-challenge, me being so, know!