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Another mediterranean wildflower

Observed: 8th May 2013 By: RoseJonesRoseJones’s reputation in Plants
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Another footpath edge flower, very pretty...and not turning up in "La Flora de Malaga" nor "Wildflowers of the Mediterranean". Can anyone help?

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Is the spotting on the petals as large as this in Tuberaria? The photos in "other observations" seem very variable.

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Very variable

That's a good way of putting it!


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Very variable but probably right.

Well Wikipedia says "The flowers are very variable with the characteristic spot at the base of the petal very variable in size and intensity of colour". Tuberaria likes limestone soils, which fits. And of all the pictures I can locate of Halimum Halifolium, the other suggestion, none have the dark spot forming a complete central ring as this does.

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Thanks - will check out


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This may be Halimium halimifolium