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Bank vole

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: pq75pq75’s reputation in Mammalspq75’s reputation in Mammalspq75’s reputation in Mammals
Bank vole
Bank vole

I found somebody hiding in the greenhouse this morning!

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Normally, you would go by the length of the tail; short being a field vole. However, in this case even thought the tail looks short I think it is an optical illusion as the fur is just too rich a chestnut brown to be a field vole so I've agreed with bank vole.

Graham Banwell

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Tail length

I agree - I thought that if the animal had been completely side on to the camera and not at an angle the tail would have looked more than a third of the body length and, as you say, very red fur. Extremely cute too.

Gill Sinclair
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Thanks Graham :)