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Growing in mown roadside amenity grassland in an industrial estate. A rather rare plant in the Glasgow area.

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I can agree with Alchemilla but it is impossible to tell which one from the photo and the upperside of the leaves looks glabrous, so A. xanthochlora or glabra seem more likely.


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I agree with Cicuta58.

Alchemilla ID need careful attention to small details, and, except for the commoner species is not too easy. Leaving aside the horrible alien A. mollis which escapes everywhere and is softly hairy all over and has large, fairly round lobed light green leaves, and the alpine species, the first thing to look at are the topside of the leaves. If they are glabrous then turn the leaf over and look at the petiole. If it's glabrous too (or sometimes with the odd hair) the you have A. glabra. If it's hairy then you have A. xanthochlora. Both common. If the topside of the leaf is hairy then you may have an interesting plant. Poke down in the centre of the plant to expose the base of the stems. If they're wine pink then it's almost certainly A. filicaulis subsp. vestita (the next most common Alchemilla). If not then I suggest you need a copy of Stace 3 or an expert!

Chris Metherell
BSBI VC Recorder
North Northumberland

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Thanks. I had not considered

Thanks. I had not considered that A. xanthochlora was a likely candidate in the Glasgow area.