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Dark moth

Observed: 6th June 2013 By: Louise GarnerLouise Garner’s reputation in Invertebrates
Moth - dark, slightly mottled, furry hood and legs
Moth 2

This moth has been sleeping on our wall all night - We live in the middle of Epping Forest, so likely to be related to ancient woodland. It is very dark, mostly black, with slight mottling in light brown on the wings, furry black hood, furry fore legs - about an inch long - We wondered whether it is a melanine peppered moth, but seems furrier!

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Can't help, though I think you might be right.
It is SO nice to have descriptive text as well as pictures. Nice.

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A Peppered Moth would rest with wings spread out. That posture, and those furry legs, make it look like one of the Notodontidae, maybe an Iron Prominent. Though it's really the northern forms that are that dark, and I can't see enough detail to hazard an identification.

Bill Welch

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Iron Prominent

Thanks! That seems right - It was very dark, black with just slight mottling, but does fit the description well and looks like a dark version of other Iron Prominents featured on here - Great! Thanks all!