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Pacific Oyster

Observed: 2nd June 2013 By: gramandy
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Pacific Oyster

An example of non-native expansion in this area of the Kent coast. This is approx a metre square multiplied up across Epple to West Bay (2400m2) - 7 oysters/m2 - 16-17,000 oysters in the area and I have only found 1 native oyster Ostrea edulis here.

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More than a feeling

I don't think there's enough in this one picture to be certain about Pacifics, which tend to be narrower. So I think the shape and overall appearance might be of Natives.
Graham, you are by far best placed and qualified to name these but you are uncerting in the ID panel.
At full resolution (enlarged) the one on the left seems to have the radial ridging that is more associated with natives; there is hardly a hint of purple (of Pacifics) and the overall, width and shape have made me wonder.
I am here again, checking Other Obs, because I am about to post my own Natives.