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Is this bee Nomada Lathburinia?

Observed: 18th May 2013 By: mdohrnmdohrn’s reputation in Invertebrates
130518ES-IMG_5792 nomad drink forgetmenot crp

There are many of these bees hanging around the entrance to Andrena nests - photos to come

  • Nomad bee (Nomada lathburinia)
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
    Likely ID
    Nomada flava
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
  • Nomada flava
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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One-winged Nomad

Do you know which Andrena bees were they associating with?

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one winged nomad

there are 6 or more species of Andrena in the garden
the most common is Andrena cineraria, and I saw this bee go down a cineraria burrow - but nearby are also quite a few A carantonica (?), and this nomad species as well as N flava investigated entrances to nests of both species. However, I haven't seen this species enter A carantonica nests, nor have I seen N flava enter A cineraria nests. Oh and er spelling mistake with the name - N lathburiana

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One wing missing

I believe N.lathburiana specifically targets A.cineraria, so there's a good chance of it being that species. Especially as this individual has the distinctive missing wing, so can be easily tracked.

I'm still learning about such things, though. No doubt someone with greater knowledge will shed more light on this.