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Observed: 1st June 2013 By: darob57darob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebratesdarob57’s reputation in Invertebrates

Found outside on wooden shed in garden, while clearing away bits of wood and plant-pots. Creamy markings on abdomen don't appear to meet. Web unfortunately destroyed in process of moving wood etc.

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Thanks Alan. Guess this is another case where it's difficult to id to species from photos. Even from photos far better than mine.

I have since seen a very similar looking specimen hanging under a sheet web, not far from where I released this one, after its 'photoshoot'. May or may not be the same one.

Having done a bit of searching around, Neriene montana does look like a near match, as far as the cream abdominal markings and leg banding go.

I'll keep my eyes out for another one.


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Hi Dave

There are very few linyphiids I'd be confident of identifying to species without examining the adults under the microscope. This would be no exception.

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Thanks also

Thanks as well, Grant.

Although the leg banding looks the same, the abdomen doesn't quite look right for this one.

Also I've now seen something very much like the same one under a sheet web, whereas I think N.umbratica is an orb web spinner.