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All meadow browns?

Observed: 11th May 2013 By: John EmmsJohn Emms’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn Emms’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn Emms’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The issue here is the variation in markings on the underside. I believe they're all meadow browns, but one has a double eye-spot on the fore wing (photo 1 - photo 2 is the same insect), and the size of spots on the hind wing varies, some being large with pale rings around them. But since they're in Kefalonia it's not as straightforward as it might be in the UK.

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no common name

I am quite surprised this has had no attention..
I am not a lepto, leppi, leptr er..butterfly person specially.
But looking at meadow browns of the Aegean (as you do) on the web, there are lots of lookalikes and some text for Maniola telmessia, which may have the features you describe.
I have added the ID for you
But do leave the Text (add a bit perhaps) so that others may understand this comment trail.
It is an excellent post with good pictures and nice observation notes.

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Many thanks, dejayM. I'd

Many thanks, dejayM. I'd given up expecting a response, so haven't looked here for a while. Only problem with M. telmessia is that according to websites and my handbook (Lafranchis) it seems to occur only on a few Aegean islands - Kefalonia is in the Ionian Sea on the other side of Greece. But who knows?