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2013-06-03 19.09.41

Observed: 3rd June 2013 By: Barry Wiggins
2013-06-03 19.09.41
2013-06-03 19.09.10
2013-06-03 19.12.05

Its actually in my garden and is about 35 feet tall now...has lots of bees visiting it...I just wondered if it is the variety and the trung is very smooth witrh distinctive 'spots ' which are not raised or rough at all....

  • white fruited rowan ? (Sorbus glabrescens)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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White Fruited ROWAN...?

Just wondered if any of you guys would know a bit about this tree and its rarity if any in the uk ? I have seen the common rowan with red fruit, this is white...

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If you move this to "plants" you will probably get more response - if you don't know what to do just reply to this post for more info