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Sneezewort (Achillea ptarmica)
Sneezewort (Achillea ptarmica)

Small patch growing at side of path.

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We only have 2 of the Achillea genus in the UK, this one and the familiar yarrow. Loads more in Europe.

Bob Ford

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In Medaeval times this and yarrow were often confused in herbals. Guess what it was used for, yes you guessed it:

Toothache! The sap mixed with vineger, held in the mouth, would ease toothache. I don't recommend it though as the sap tastes very bitter, hence mixing it with vinegar - stick to going to the dentist.

The name comes from the smell of the plant which is supposed to induce sneezing, I have never sneezed after smelling it though.

Graham Banwell

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