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14 spot ladybird

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: Colin007Colin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in InvertebratesColin007’s reputation in Invertebrates
14 spot ladybird

Tiny ladybird - 3mm - This one comes in many shades - but never red and black!
It is said that,if handled, they exude orange liquid from their joints. A form of controlled bleeding which stains the hands and is very pungent. But I've never experienced this myself!

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Wildlife Ranger

I'd call this pedantic - but I'm not sure that that is exactly the correct usage of the word!
Also, there are not 2 "r"s in altering!!!


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Pedantic ?

Sorry Colin I was trying to be kind about it - if you dont enter the correct binomial then i-spot doesnt work to its full potential etc The numerical form in scientific binomials is not recognised - fact and people wont agree with your ID !!!

Best wishes


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