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Mayfly on Window

Observed: 31st May 2013 By: breanobreano’s reputation in Invertebratesbreano’s reputation in Invertebrates
Mayfly on Window
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Hi Breano...

Thanks for the extra photographs. If you blow the photo of the underside of the fly up and look at each segment you will see a dot and line pattern /. .\ kind of like that. Which points to Ecdyonurus insignis, except that the pattern should be dark on light were as in your photo it appears to be light on dark. Having said all that and having looked once again at the hindwing of your specimen I think it does point to Ecdyonurus insignis. Ecdyonurus insignis is a highly localised species occurring in southern England and Scotland and a voucher specimen is required for all records of this species. The possible reason for it seeming so rare is under recording. So if you come across another one hang on to it and someone here will tell you who and how to send it to.
Regards Peter