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Observed: 4th June 2013 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in BirdsChalkie’s reputation in Birds
raptors over Leam LNR reedbeds
IMG-20130604-00138 raptors over reedbed pool at Leam LNR

Mobile phone pictures, so poor quality. Is it possible to tell what these are. I think kestrels? There were two of them, flying over reedbeds/pools by woodland (nature reserve). I didn't see them hover at all, which is what made me wonder - lots of soaring in circles. Beautiful to watch.

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Wouldn't like to commit to an ID on those images, but another species you could consider is Hobby. A couple of the photos (2nd from left at bottom in particular) look slender-winged and rather rakish, somewhat like Hobby in flight, but the upper left image looks more Kestrel-like to me (or possibly Kestrel left and Hobby right?). Not enough resolution to pick up plumage or colour details and suggest a better ID. Good time to dust off the two-bird theory :o)


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I put the pictures on Wild about Britain too, and hobby was suggested there (and one suggestion of peregrine) too. (Or was that you?!) I think they were probably both the same species, from the way they behaved. Really annoyed I didn't have my good camera with me! I'll go back again, so fingers crossed they come back.

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No worries

No, wasn't me! Having had a break from thinking about these birds and a look at a couple of Hobby photos online, I think that's what I'd go for. If you go back and see them again, check for a streaked underside with reddish trousers/undertail coverts and a bluish-grey back. Kestrel would be spotted below, rather pale buff right to the vent and relatively chestnut above, though males obviously have grey head & tail.

Good luck!


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I went back...

I went back and saw them again, and they clearly had the 'red trousers' and streaked underside. Thank you for the id help. I'm really pleased I've seen hobbies. Lovely birds.