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Marine eggs in capsules

Observed: 3rd June 2013 By: dejayM
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tiny patches
Closer still
Aeolidia papillosa

Marine egg mystery; I have one clue to their origin which seems very unlikely.
I can find nothing in my books and nothing in the Web-cellar.
The only clue I have is picture four showing a nudebranch near a small batch of these eggs.
See comments.

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broad ID

Elsewhere I have posted eggs belonging to the nudebranchs Aeolidia papillosa and Aplysia punctate.
On the face of it these do not look like sea slug eggs at all, but picture four shows either Aeolidia papillosa or Aeolidiella glauca near a small batch.
Rather than try to name the parent, I have broadened the ID in the hope that a specialst may recognise them.
I suspect they might belong to a shelled Mollusc.
Brittle star, common star and urchins are all prolific in this area.
For a treatise on nudebranch eggs see here -

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sea star

I am attempting to close some of long standing errors or mysteries.
That these are eggs seems indisputable.
Here are a couple of links to help anyone coming here to contribute.

here Link1 And here Link2