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Speedwell flower

Observed: 4th June 2013 By: RussBrit10RussBrit10’s reputation in PlantsRussBrit10’s reputation in PlantsRussBrit10’s reputation in Plants
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Very small lilac flowers

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Germander vs Wood Speedwell

Differences between germander and wood speedwell are include

1) wood speedwell tends to have smaller and paler flowers, though I am not convinced that allows unambiguous identification.

2) wood speedwell has petiolate (stalked) leaves, while germander speedwell has sessile (unstalked) leaves.

3) wood speedwell has hairs all around the stems, while germander speedwell has them only in two lines on opposite sides of the stems.

As both identifications have been given from interpretations of this photograph it may be necessary for you to check these features in situ for a definite identification.