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Spotted Cranefly mating

Observed: 24th July 2009 By: gary.hilton
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Spotted Cranefly
Spotted Cranefly 2

These crane fly where mating on the wing making a very strange looking insect until I realised it was two of them. They then landed on a laylandii tree.

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You're pretty close with Nephrotoma appendiculata, but that species has a pale wing stigma, a darker abdomen (with a mor-or-less continuous black stripe lengthwise along the top) and a much darker head. What you've got here is Nephrotoma flavipalpis, a less common species but one that is widespread across many parts of lowland England. The time of year fits better for flavipalpis as well, appendiculata flies earlier in May/early June. Both species have a black 'inverted-U' mark on the side of the thorax.

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