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Unknown Leafhopper

Observed: 17th May 2010 By: oceanlis2000oceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebratesoceanlis2000’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Is a juvenile so can't be identified

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Unknown Leafhopper

Got this reply fgrom British Bugs, I thought it was really useful

It's actually a leafhopper rather than a froghopper (many spines on the long part of the hind leg), and what's more, it's a juvenile. It's not really possible to identify it (in this view at least), although it might well be Dikraneura variata (very common in grassy areas), or perhaps a Euscelis sp. The top view as well would have made it a lot easier, although nymphs generally are hard to get very far with.Wait a few weeks and you'll get the adults as well.
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Athysanus argentarius

Definitely an instar of Athysanus argentarius, had it confirmed by (from memory), Herbert Nickle. Could of been J. Botting or T Bantock?