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Confirm ID

Could someone confirm that this sadly slightly blurry pic is a drone fly, possibly eristalis pertinax

many thanks



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Looks very likely to me as it

Looks very likely to me as it appears to have the pale front tarsi ("feet") of E. pertinax.

Nigel Jones

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thank you

thank you nigel, would they normally be seen flying in/out from a fascia board under the eaves of a house??

Reason for asking - as sec of a beekeepers assoc I often get contacted re bees/wasps/insects. A lady contacted me with the picture and that they were flying in/out of eaves. From what I/ve read it doesn't seem like normal behaviour ??


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it's ok, she's had a closer look and whilst she has the drone flies in the house occasionally she says the ones in the eaves are bumbles (maybe mason) but def bees, so she is satisfied they are not a danger to her and is going to live with them.