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Slipper Limpet

Observed: 2nd June 2013 By: gramandy
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Slipper Limpet

Shouldn't be here but they are - fornicating limpets.

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Crassostrea gigas

Graham - this really has the look of a Pacific/Japanese/Portuguese oyster. The general shape is right, there is a hint of purple and there are worn overlapping plates to be seen. I'm not certain whether they fornicate.

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Derek without...

....shadow of a doubt - this is an example of the slipper limpets here.

They come in all guises and the oysters are much sharper and bigger in texture here.

This is one I am certain about. I should probably post many examples of these guys and the pacific oysters which are about 50/sq m in this area. The pacific oysters are in the process of being removed in a humane way by Natural England (and lots of volunteers {including myself]) as they are killing off/have killed off the native oyster . I have found 2 natives in a couple of miles of coastline directly in front of me.

More posts of variety to come to convince everyone. As I see them all the time, you are not aware that people have different concepts of the way they look.