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Bee in Insect Hotel

Observed: 3rd June 2013 By: suedyke

It may be a buff tailed mining bee.
There are quite a lot of them and they are gradually filling in the tubes in the insect hotel

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Looked Red mason bee up and it is too red in colour. Thirst are buff or tan coloured.
Could they Tawney Mining Bees that are around late because of wet cold spring?

Shropshire Sue

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Bee colour

I have looked up the Re Mason Bee and they are more of a red colour than the ones we have. Ours are buff to tan.
Could they be Tawney Mason Bee out late because. Of the wet cold spring?

Shropshire Sue

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Hi Sue, I think it is a Red

Hi Sue, I think it is a Red Mining bee. Tawney Mining bees are very bright orange and I think they usually burrow their own holes in soil, whereas Red Mining bees use pre-made holes above ground, such as bamboo as shown in your photo.
Hope that helps, David