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Lycogala fungus

Observed: 31st May 2013 By: shurick88shurick88’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Two different colours. I don't know whether that means they are different species or just at different stages of maturity.


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That's an agreement for predictive text too!

I turn mine off as I find myself having heated conversations with it!!

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Thank goodness

I am pleased someone else does this it is so annoying.



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The second specimen is likely

The second specimen is likely to be L epidendrum as that species is described as carmine red carmine pink and always with bright red shades.
Whether it is the same as the original it is difficult to be sure.

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Yes, could be, I should go back and check whether it changed colour with time. Would L epidendrum turn grey/brown in a couple of days?

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They both turn brown

They both turn brown externally you will need to break one open.

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