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Field Grasshopper

Observed: 1st August 2009 By: gary.hilton
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Grasshopper 2

Green Grasshopper observed by the side of a track.

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Sorry to keep disagreeing with you Gary! I find grasshoppers very hard to ID from appearance, they are so variable. (Their songs can be more distinctive!) As far as I can see on your photo, there is a fairly straight back line along the edge of the thorax, rather than the triangular wedges that Field Grasshopper has - see this photo of Field Grasshopper on the Orthoptera Recording Scheme website:

The best match I can find for yours is Lesser Marsh Grasshopper, see:

This is often found in areas of grassland near water, so matches your site (although it has spread into drier habitats as well in recent years). Looks like you're near the northern edge of the range for this one.

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Thanks Martin

No worries about disagreeing - the whole point is to learn and I think lesson here is how difficult it is ID grasshoppers by sight, I looked at the photos on the links and the variability is amazing.
As you say the Lesser Marsh Grasshopper certainly fits the habitat.

Gary Hilton