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Red growth on tree

Observed: 19th May 2010 By: Dotty Spotter
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Small 8mm tall red spines, sticking up from leaf. Not sure what type of tree it is. The leaves as far as I could see were covered in these small red spikes, some leaves had up to 30 spikes closely growing together, is this an insect egg? or some sort of fungus?

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These are galls, which are

These are galls, which are plant outgrowths that can be caused by a whole range of things from mites (as here) to fungi, bacteria and insects. Its a fascinating subject. THey are often specific to the plant on which they are found, so ID the plant and you are more than half way to finding the name of the gall-causer. You can find out more at the website of the British Plant Gall Society The society has some experts who help out on iSpot.

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