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Garden moth

Observed: 18th May 2013 By: Murlough
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garden moth
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I believe it's actually a lot more complicated than that, David. I've heard that in Europe it is thought there are at least 4 species here.

Therefore, as moth recorders, we should probably just leave them to sort things out. Once they've got a good idea about what's what, then we can start worrying about which species is present and which to record.

I wouldn't ever advise recording just based on their phenology though - as we know depending on the year this can change by several weeks and it's always possible that individuals fly outside of their normal dates - moths don't read the field guides!

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According to Patrice LeRaut "Moths of Europe - Volume 2 - Geomtrid Moths" the only European representative of the genus Ectropis is crepuscularia. It may be there has been subsequent taxonomic work, or work that LeRaut did not cover when this book was published in 2009, which suggests there are four species.

My county recorder has asked that we continue to record the separate species (based on phenology is larva stages are not reared) as it is easier to lump than to split the data at a later stage when the scientists have done their thing.