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Scaphidium quadrimaculatum

Observed: 16th May 2010 By: grey georgegrey george’s reputation in Invertebratesgrey george’s reputation in Invertebrates

Turned over a pine log these were on the under side 10-12 of them, some flew away while others scuttled away. They are about 5mm long excluding antenna and aprox 2-3mm wide. My first thought was ladybirds but the body shape seems more pointed, so any suggestion welcome. There were found in logs piled up under some trees in a small wooded area on the Salisbury Plain Training area. The log piles look like there put there on purpose for conservation reasons.

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Not Ladybirds

I wish I could be more helpful with a positive ID - but they are new to me. The head shape is wrong for a Ladybird, and the antennae structure. The legs are also too long.

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As Vinny says, these aren't

As Vinny says, these aren't ladybirds - they're the wrong shape. Will be interested to see what they turn out to be as I found one this morning!

Record your ladybird sightings!

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Got it!

Happy accident - was searching the Coleopterist website ( for another species and came across a pic of Scaphidium quadrimaculatum

A quick check on Google and I found loads of images that match, plus this page that describes the species as a fungus eater found under logs! It's related to Rove Beetles but does not look like one, which is probably why we were scratching our collective heads.

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Matt's suggestion is a very close fit, but so far as I can see, that has a brown, rather than black head.
If you blow the photo' up, you can find reasonable views of antennae and these do fit Mycetopahgus well, better than the other contenders - Glischrochilus and Diaperis.

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Scaphidium quadrimaculatum

Many thanks to all that have spent time on this I agree with Vinny's id. of Scaphidium quadrimaculatum. This site is truely amazing I have given up on so many id's. over the years because you just became overwhelmed with possibilities.

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No problem!

I agree with you George - a great site as it's rare that you find something that remains completely unidentified. It's a great place to learn so many new things about nature. Let's hope the recent publicity of the site on Spring Watch continues to bring more enthusiastic contributors!
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