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Sand Wasp Grub Diet

Last Summer along my local River in North Wales I came across a large groupe of what I think were Red-banded Sand Wasps (Ammophila sabulosa).

Lots and lots of wasps holes in a sandbank, but just lots of individual, solitary wasps in the same habitat, not a colony by any means.

Everything I've read so far talks about these wasps gathering caterpillars to stock their brood chambers with. But the ones I observed were only taking flies.. huge big bluebottle flies though. I was amazed how they could carry something that was so much bigger and heavier than these little dainty looking wasps.

My Question: Sand wasps don't only take caterpillars do they? They to pick up other insects as well? Otherwise I'll have mis identified them?



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If they were bringing back bluebottle type flies then they weren't Ammophila wasps, Ammophila only stocks the burrow with caterpillars.

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