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A Speedwell?

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: Ian_MIan_M’s reputation in PlantsIan_M’s reputation in PlantsIan_M’s reputation in Plants

Tiny purple flower among grass on sunny slope. Possibly a Speedwell?

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The poster describes the flower as "tiny".

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Sorry I didn't measure it, but by tiny I mean miniscule. Smaller than a speedwell, probably less than 5mm across. In the second picture you might see it is barely wider than a blade of grass.

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the leves have few lobes 5-7)

the leves have few lobes 5-7) and open sinuses which is more typical of pyrenaicum, rather than molle (7-9 lobes, closed sinuses) but if the flowers are only a few mm across then molle more likely

Tim Rich