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Red Marine Squirt

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: dejayM
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wine gum
white wine

So red was this and so confection-sized, I honestly thought this was a discarded wine gum. It had the consistency of Maynards Port.
However, it turned out to be a Sea Squirt.
A first for iSpot I think but see
CORE EDIT - added 'white one possibly Corella parallelogramma'

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Im not sure about your clear

Im not sure about your clear squirt at first look I thought it was Corella eumyota very similar to parallelogramma but non-native with orange tips. But both corella are 'left handed' - the inhalant siphon is at the top of the animal and looking down the exhalent is to the right of the inhalant like looking at a left hand. Your picture seems to have the exhalent on the left which would identify it as Ascidella aspersa. It might be worth posting it on its own and see what others think!

Trudy Russell
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glacier mint

Trudy, thanks for your visit (and agreement here)
Perhaps you could look at
and say what you think.
I'll then take your advice about posting up the Fox's mint separately!
Thanks for your recent interest.