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Round meal

Observed: 24th May 2013 By: dejayM
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I rolled over the stone to find the Seastar about to dissolve the Urchin (as they do!)
I spent 5 minutes photographing the egg clump (of the Nudibranch Aeolidia papillosa), seen to the right.
Despite the intervention of a squat lobster, the urchin, now out of its dangerous environment, was able to 'walk' off the stone and escape.
Picture three, taken in the water, shows that the seastar has released its lethal embrace.
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I'm missing out.....

Oh for some coast in Oxon!


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no coast in Warwickshire either!

Have to make do with creepy crawlies! :)

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Looks lovely. As do your photos of the cuddly starfish.

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Starfish lunch time

Must have been great to see first hand. Good pics too!


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All that attention and NO agreements - hurry!

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Commendable action

Derek, I suspect marine species may be a rather neglected area? (which is a great shame, if true) However, you can't be faulted for trying to encourage people. Very interesting images and topics - if only Oxon had a (post-glacial) coast.

Cheers, Steve

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Looks like the agreement

Looks like the agreement ball's starting to roll!

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I don't comprehend...

What I don't comprehend, very well, is the reluctance of iSpot's Naturalists to move through these postings. I have contributed to a number of postings WELL outside my field by simply looking at the picture, checking that the description fits, comparing it to other iSpot similars (usually many), one or two Internet checks and place an agreement or, perhaps, a comment.
With something as simple as, say, a Seastar (Starfish), you'd think (I think) that more interest might come from iSpot Seniors, particularly.
Before we sink beneath the weight of moths!
Added later
I MEANT to say ( I was ranting!) Steve well done for having a tick-in-the-box and thanks for the comment.

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I checked the MarLIN website

I checked the MarLIN website and there does seem to be only one Asterias in UK. Thus, have to agree. I just learnt a new species.

RE your ref to Leps - common problem. Reflecting this my local Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) is often referred to (by real natural historians) as the Birds, Butterflies and Orchids Naturalist Trust.