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Cylinder Millipede

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: FulupFulup’s reputation in InvertebratesFulup’s reputation in InvertebratesFulup’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Outdated nomenclature

PS I wasn't aware that the 1960s name 'Schizophyllum' (rather than than modern 'Ommatoiulus') was still used!

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I found the label 'Schizophyllum' attached to an illustration in Chinery, M. (2007) Insects of Britain and Western Europe, so I may have to amend this myself. Thanks.


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Nomenclature nightmare........

Unfortunately species names change on a regular basis (it's a big inconvenience to be honest). Acadmic works (and iSpot) keep up to date, but poplar press tend not too!

All the best


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not always...

....some of iSpot latin still not updated - especially marine algae and invertebrates. The changes seem to be coming thick and fast - making it difficult to keep up with. I tend to look for synonyms of the sp to help.