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Alternating pairs of small and large leaflets ...

... is a trait shared by Filipendulina, Agrimonia, Aremonia and Argentina. There's not all that much to go on, but I think that this one is Argentina (silverweed).

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Hadn't noticed this on Silverweed before, but saw for myself today. The leaves in the photo don't look as silvery as the ones I studied, perhaps just a lighting effect.

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There is variation in the degree of silver ...

... in the foliage of silverweed. I think that it's young leaves and plants that are less silver.

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I have seen Silverweed that is almost white and others specimens that are really quite green in colour. I wonder if available light or the type of soil has any bearing ?

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There was Silverweed growing on the beach nearby and it had the typical appearance. This plant was in heavy shade and looked so different I didn't recognise it as the same species.

Steve Terry,
Isle of Skye

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You just can't trust plants... look like they're supposed to!