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Garden escapee?

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: Fizz

Is this an Alchemilla mollis garden escapee or a wild plant?

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I believe that is a wild plant

The rule of thumb is leaves glabrous both sides - Alchemilla glabra; leaves glabrous above and hairy below - Alchemilla xanthochlora; leaves hairy above and below but not as densely and downily hairy as Alchemilla mollis - Alchemilla filicaulis. Ignoring the distinctive Alchemilla alpina and Alchemilla conjuncta the remaining species are rare and local.

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Alchemilla ficaulis

Went back to check and definitely hairy above and below! Thank you both so much I have struggled with these Alchemillas for a few years and now you've sorted me out. (This is my own wildflower meadow and I love it)

Attached to my clothing after gardening, I was in the meadow near willows. It's about two inches long and when I returned it it looped up and waved about!