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Araniella Spider

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: FulupFulup’s reputation in InvertebratesFulup’s reputation in InvertebratesFulup’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Have I missed something?


How can you differentiate this species from other species, such as the common A.opisthographa, from an image such as this? (To me) they both look identical, they both have the same UK distribution, they both live in the same habitats and they are both mature at the same time of year.

Am I missing something?


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Hi Steve

1. Not at All
2. I could be wrong
3. Based on my experience Araniella opisthographa is less common but not a diagnostic in itself
4.Always a tight call with spiders exam of the genitalia crucial as you say
5. Its is likely to be one of the two as said we cant be certain
6 We are certain that it is Araniella

Best Wishes


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Thanks - Agreed Araniella


I agree A.cucurbitina is the most common overall. However species ID should not about probabilty, or nothing rare would ever be recorded. Twice now I have surprised myself in finding A.inconspicua among my 'Araniella' token samples (collected just in case they were different). I have never seen A.alpica to comment on what that looks like.

All the best