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What mammal? (added via Android)

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: Cosmo
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Found on headland, Pembrokeshire Coastal path.

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Welcome to iSpot

Welcome to iSpot and thanks for your first posting.

Your photo is of a badger skull and is a good find.

Two reasons why its a badger skull:
1. Lower jaw is fixed to the rest of the skull - in other UK other mammals the lower jaw falls away from the upper jaw as the muscles decay (Badgers have very strong jaws and ned to the laws to be fixed together)

2. It has a (sagittal) crest along the back of the skull. Info from The crest helps to strengthen the badgers skull against damage when it is digging through heavy ground and when it has to push heavy stones out of the way. The crest is much less prominent in young cubs. The depressed areas to either side of the crest provide good anchoring points for the powerful jaws muscles.

It is not uncommon to find cleaned badger skulls as the badgers remove their dead from the sett.

If you are fascinated by skulls check out two great websites‎

I hope you find iSpot useful and will post more sightings

Best wishes


Debbie Alston

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Debbie's right, it's a badger. Foxes skulls are more elongated with a longer muzzle; they can have a small sagittal crest but never as large as this one. However, this skull's crest is not as big as some so I suspect you have an adult female; adult because the sutures (joins in the cranium plates) are all fused).

Graham Banwell

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