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DSC04273 rolled up woodlouse

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in InvertebratesChalkie’s reputation in Invertebrates
DSC04273 rolled up woodlouse
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see your previous ........

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This one looked much paler, so I thought it might be different, having looked at the NH museum key:

- but I know from plant and insect identification that beginners can go very wrong! Still, everyone starts somewhere.

Interesting to find today (doing garden bioblitz) that we have at least 3 species of woodlouse in our garden so far though, as we've definitely also got Oniscus asellus and Porcellio scaber.

Many thanks.

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You'll find more woodlice!

A. vulgare is very variable in appearance. You will find a lot more woodlice species when you get your eye-in. About ten species in an old garden is usual, but many are elusive!