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Acrocarp moss

Observed: 1st June 2013 By: bradscottukbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plantsbradscottuk’s reputation in Plants

On tarmac. Brown when dry. Stems 1-2cm, leaves about 2mm long, tongue-shaped with a strong brown nerve and white excurrent hair (1mm), which appears to have some teeth at x20.
I wondered if it might be Bryum capillare, though in the end plumped for Syntrichia intermedia...

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I think you are right as to genus but as your plant looks dry you cannot completely eliminate S. ruralis, small plants of which are a similar size and can grow in similar habitats. To tell the difference wet your plant - the leaves in S. ruralis will be very curved and, if you look with a lens you will see that the margin is recurved almost to its tip.

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Yes, I did wet it and they are not recurved. Is S. ruralis slightly bigger too? I think S. intermedia looks most likely to my inexpert eye.