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Wasp ID

Saw a bunch of these wasps in my garden today landing on the water skimming along and flying off again, even settling on the water for a minute. Thought they were a bit unusual with the white stripes on the back and the pattern on the behind (thorax is it?). I'm an amateur when it comes to insects so this could be a common one but I can't find one the same on the guides although maybe there is a lot of variation within species and I'm too hung up on details such as the white stripes. Anyway a positive ID would be much appreciated or it will bug me (no pun intended). Hope my image link works.



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Hi, have you uploaded the photo onto this site? It may be worth doing. Er, the photo... its not a wasp but a hover-fly. Search British hover-flies in google and you'll find an image that matches so you have a starting point.

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Look at Helophilus and you'll have a choice of 3...pendulus, hybridus and trivittatus. Not always easy, but could be the latter.


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