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Observed: 31st May 2013 By: stoutcobstoutcob’s reputation in Birdsstoutcob’s reputation in Birds
Species interactions

No interactions present.

Species with which Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) interacts


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You may want to add an interaction to show the association between the Meadow Pipit and the Gorse. If you don't know how to do this, please see

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Is it an interaction ?

Not really in my opinion, it's a bird sat on a bush, isn't it ?

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It's just sitting on the that an interaction? If it is on the ground, do we do an association between Meadow Pipit and the grass species?!

I do think associations should be reserved for situations where two species are known to interact could all get very clogged up, otherwise.


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I agree with your comments. I only suggested it as there was an identification added a few weeks ago with the same two species interacting.

There was an interaction added for this:

I guess this was just done to test the interaction feature.


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Thanks for your comment

Thanks for your comment Kieran and for encouraging new users to the interaction feature to use it.
All discussions are what make iSpot such a great tool for community learning!
A colleague of mine was suspicios about a certain species of bird sitting on a certain rubiaceae in Jamaica. Many before him thought there was nothing to it.
After three years of research he provided enough reference as to prove that the bird was a natural pest control for coffee grown in the shade. Amazing discovery, good for birds, good for plants, good to preserve forest.
So keep your eyes peeled for any possible interacion and be patient :-)
Isabel iSpot Biodiversity Mentor for the London region