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Sea Slater

Observed: 9th May 2013 By: dejayM
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Long antennae, communal and quick moving. Very common on all shores here - well everywhere!
"An oniscid isopod"
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This can hardly be mistaken but there is a reference here to a second species -
Ligia exotica.
I can find no records of this in the UK neither does it does figure in Hayward & Ryland. But records are on the Web -

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Ligia exotica Roux, 1828

Hi Derek

Ligia exotica Roux, 1828 has a circum-tropical coastal distribution. There are lots of Ligia (an ancient genus) scattered around the planet, but L.oceanica is our (only) north-western European representative. Ligia italica (which looks a bit similar) occurs around the Mediterranean (but doesn't make it onto the Atlantic coast).


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All known woodlice until 2004!

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Helmut Schmalfuss

Smart, thanks. An excellent link but I wish he was a photographer and diagnostic artist!

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