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Brought in by cat. Alive!

Observed: 30th May 2013 By: Iain Anderson
Brought in by a cat
Full body

This rodent was brought in around midnight by one of our cats. It has a brown upper body with a paler belly. The tail is about the same length as the body with very short fur, not naked. Ears are reasonably large. Very noticeable front incisors, yellow in colour and both upper and lower are 4mm or more in length.
The mammle was released in a safe area while the cats were fed to distract them.

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Welcome to iSpot

Welcome to iSpot and thanks for making your first posting.

If when you make a id suggestion you then click the 'get recommended' button it will come up with the scientific name which you should then choose, so it then links your sighting with the picture gallery and if people agree with you you can start to build up your 'repution'. If you haven't done so already check out the two introductory screencasts at http://www.ispot.org.uk/help. to see how to make the most of iSpot.

Your rodent is not a vole, as its tail is too long in proportion to its body (bank vole has a tail which is about half the length of it body)and quite small ears.

Your photos and description leads me to think it is a brown rat with its large ears, long tail and paler under belly compared to its back. The tail on a rat is very sparcely hairy, but not naked.

Debbie Alston

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Brown rat

Debbie and Zoologist are right I'm afraid, this is a brown rat for the reasons given.

I say 'I'm afraid' because where there is one baby rat there will be more, probably lots more. Also it is, officially, against the law to deliberately release them into the wild; under British legeslation they should be shot. If you live catch any others I suggest you contact the RSPCA.

Incidentally, the thick gloves were a very good idea.

Graham Banwell

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