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Early Summer May 2013 (1)
Early Summer May 2013 (1.1)

Flowers solitary in leaf axil, on stalks longer than leaves. Leaves a fresh green.
Second picture added for scale and fruit detail.
Flower 12mm wide, leaf 15mm long x 12mm wide and Fruits 8mm at widest point.

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ID comment

The leaves look alternate to me and are not in pairs.

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Yes, I agree alternate...

..so it can't be V. filiformis. Looks like V. persica to me. Also, I believe that V. filiformis rarely forms fruits in the UK.

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Flowers quite large

At 12mm, I think the flowers are too big for V.filiformis. Fruits are large too, I'm not sure what V.filiformis fruits look like, but the angle looked OK for V.persica. Sorry these were not visible in the original picture.

Looking at the nodes there is no sign of rooting at nodes.

The leaves are alternate Chris.

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Back to the drawing board

Back to the drawing board, I have still to crack Speedwell's, tricky devils.

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To me alternate leaves say

To me alternate leaves say not V.filiformis, the fruit does not look right for V.persica but maybe V.polita or agrestis. :)

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per Stace ...

Veronica filiformis corolla 8-15mm across, compared to 8-12mm for V. persica, and 3-8mm for V. agrestis and V. polita.

So the flower size actually favours an identification as Veronica filiformis.

Veronica agrestis has paler flowers, and Veronica polita darker foliage.

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Sorry folks, seen the real

Sorry folks, seen the real plant; = persica

Tim Rich