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Pupae 1

Observed: 12th March 2013 By: claire6274
pupae 1

What is this?

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walls, doors and trees

Steve - an agreement. "..doesn't climb trees.." Explain!

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Macrogaster (sic) and trees

Macrogastra rolphi lives on the ground among moss, under stones, etc. Clausilia and Cochlodina also do this, but when conditions are moist they will also climb vertical surfaces such as tree trunks (to graze algae, etc). Macrogastra no not do this.


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Aha, I see.
I my stupid (stupid do you hear?) assumption that you meant that macro snails do not frequent trunks! I misread it - you'll understand.
I see that M.rolphi is REALLY a lookalike - goodness then, I'm glad they don't occur here.
I have been trawling macro-escargo posts with the view to producing a definitive post (ha!) about Lauria cylindracea and a Clausilia.
In the process, I have left many comments, some of which you've seen (maybe not all).
I appreciate those you have commented on Steve (you and Martin).